Privacy Policy

RWP is committed to supporting the ‘National Privacy Principles’ issued pursuant to the Federal

Privacy Act, 1988.

Real Wealth Property is a market leader in Investment Property services in Australia.

We are committed to providing strategic and innovative investment solutions to our clients.

In order for us to provide these services, we collect and use personal information.


Collection of Personal Information

So that we may provide you with a high level of service, we may ask for personal details such as your

name, contact details and requirements. We want to be able to contact you with information on a

service or product on offer which may be of interest and benefit to you.


Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

Any personal information collected is deemed as highly confidential and files are stored in a secure

location. We do not sell or disseminate any personal information to any party what so ever.

Only a Party providing a direct service to you, that may require your details and with your personal

written authorisation, will be allowed access to any of your details.

You may request access to any of your personal information that you have provided to us and access

will be granted.

If we have information that is no longer needed, RWP will take reasonable steps to ensure that the

information is securely destroyed.



We have made every attempt to ensure that the information presented in our website is current and

accurate, however no warranty of any kind is provided for misinterpretation of the information